Activating your 12 Chakras


- Where are the 12 chakras 

- How to work with them

- Techniques to open, balance and activate all the chakras.

- Benefits of stimulating chakras

Activating Clairvoyance


- What is clairvoyance and who can be clairvoyant?

- Techniques to open up third eye

- Take home techniques

- How to use clairvoyance in day to day life

- Practises for clairvoyance

Life Purpose & Missions


- What is our current mission?

- What is our soul essence?

- What lessons did we come here to learn?

- How do we know our specific purpose?

- Why did we choose to incarnate here?

Astral projection


- What is astral projecting?

- What is lucid dreaming?

- How can I ensure my safety?

- What kind of things can I do whilst I project?

- Techniques for astral projecting

Getting to Know the Archangels & Ascended Masters


- Who are the archangels? When can we call on them?

- Who are the ascended masters? What can they help with?

- How do we know if they are present?

- How can we communicate with our angels?

- Techniques for how these beings can benefit day to day life

Moving to the 5th Dimension


- Guide to dimensions

- How to raise your vibrations

- Exercises to raise your vibrations

- What to expect with each dimension 

- Timeline splitting



- What does it mean to be an empath? Empath symptoms

- Techniques for clearing energies

- Why are you an empath? What are the benefits?

- How to handle being overwhelmed by energies

Psychic and energetic protection


- Why is it necessary to protect yourself?

- Cleaning your energy and your space

- How to protect your space

- Many techniques from intense, to quick and easy to self protection

- What happens if you don't protect your yourself

Walkin ins - the rise in walk ins on our planet:


- What is a walk in?

-What is a soul exchange?

- Why do they take place?

- Who walks in?

-Where does the old soul go?

- What are the symptoms of this? Has this happened to me?

- Why is it happening so much now?

The Pleiadians


- Who are the pleiadians?

- What role do they play in our universe?

- Why are they important to us?

- How can we work with them?

- Pleiadian starseeds

Twin Flames


- What are twin flames?

- Whats a soul mate?

- Whats the benefit of being with my twin flame?

- Possible incarnations of twin flames

- Working with your higher self for meeting your twin flame

- Life cycles of twin flames

- Working with St Germaine and the Violet Flame for your twin flame

Muscle Testing: a basic introduction to the mind body connection:


- What is muscle testing?

- What can we test?

- Testing for subconscious beliefs

- The nervous system and how trauma affects it

- Techniques to release negative muscle memories

- Balancing the nervous system

- How to balance subconscious beliefs held in the body that negatively affect us

Pleiadian Living ; What we can learn from our pleiadian cousins


- Pleiadian relationships

- Pleiadian sexuality; a gateway to higher consciousness

- Pleiadian energy work 

- Pleiadian emotions 

- The Pleiadian role in society

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