Ancient Healing Energies

Sekhem and Seichim are generally two spellings of the same word which comes from ancient Egypt and translates to 'Power of Powers."


Seichim energy is ancient and was used by ancient Egyptians and before that originated from a galactic origin. In 1980 Patrick Seigler rediscovered Seichim/Sekhem whilst spending the night in the Great Pyramid of Giza, in Egypt. The story in detail can be found on Patricks website. 


The energy was passed down into a healing system similar to Usui Reiki which requires teacher to student learning and attunement.. There have been multiple models for the healing systems and Patrick calls it SKHM which is the way Egyptians would have spelled the word Sekhem. Patrick went on to develop alternative ways of working with the energy and more information can be found on his website.


I have studied and been attuned to Isis Seichim, Sekhmet Seichim and 7 facet Seichim, all which even though they channel the same energy have slightly different techniques and methods. I have created a course which harnesses a combination of these three. All lineage will be given for the course.


Generally, Seichim is a very healing powerful energy, as opposed to Reiki that opens a channel from above, Seichim can open a channel from the energy of Earth. The energy is very grounding and can balance the yin and yang/masculine and feminine qualities within a person. 

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