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Please find below all the conditions and guidelines.


Spirituality is our jam. On that note, we also LOVE anything related to wellness, consciousness, spiritual entrepreneurial, or inspirational.







Article and video guidelines:



– must be original (not published elsewhere), and your own creation
– must be written in English, free of typos and grammar errors (proofread and edited).
– must be informative and not include promotional or self-promotional material.
– must be written with kindness and:
** must not say negative things about anybody, be they someone named or an anonymous person, alive or dead.
** must not divide people, whether they are named or anonymous. As a result of reading the article, the reader must feel closer to all the persons mentioned. The reader must not feel farther apart from anybody, named or anonymous, alive or dead.



 You are granting us the right to modify, translate, publish, delete, create derivative works from, or use in any other way, your articles or content. This right includes a perpetual, commercial, irrevocable, non-exclusive, fully sub-licensable, and transferable license to use the content in the manner mentioned above. We will put an effort in attributing the articles and content correctly to you as their author, but cannot guarantee this. All articles and content published on our website then become, for other users of our website, free to distribute under a creative commons attribution license for non-commercial use. This license you are granting us is non-exclusive. You still have full rights to your articles, while we still retain the right and license you have granted us. This agreement may change at any time without prior notice. By sending us your articles and content, you agree to all the above.



– you are allowing us to use the articles and videos and other content you send us (use, publish, modify, translate, create derivative works etc)
– you trust that we will do our best to make sure the attribution to you is correct, but you cannot sue us if we mess
up ?
– other readers can quote, republish, reprint etc your article as long as it’s in anon-commercial manner and they retain the attribution.
– the articles, videos, and other content you submit must be unique and not published elsewhere
– you still have full rights, so after we publish your works, you can publish them as well on your blog, or any website or medium, you can even sell them to someone else if you choose to, use them in the book you’re writing etc (and you don’t need to link back to our website, like the other readers do). We want you to continue to spread the word about Reiki freely, while we do the same.
– we reserve the right not to publish articles or videos or content which we feel are not a good match for our audience or don’t adhere to the guidelines.


How to Submit:

Fill out the form below, including in your post and post body. Please make sure you include your short bio which will appear
at the end of your articles (see examples from other writers on our website). Your bio can include two links to your website, fan pages etc. If you have a high profile online and need more links, let us know.

Also please attach a picture of you. Please ensure you have::


*Title of Post Submission: [Your article‘s title]
* your short bio should have a max of 200 words.
** your short bio links must point directly to your website or social media profiles. It cannot link to sales pages, promotional pages, or pages designed specifically for email sign-up.

After we receive your article, we review it and schedule it into the blog.  We may modify the article slightly if we believe we can make it more suitable to our audience, or add some links to other relevant content from our website, or images.
We will let you know as soon as it is scheduled.


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