Spiritual Boss - Getting Aligned & Mindset

There is always a point where you'll want to share your spiritual gifts with the world.

One of the big things I see my clients is the mindset around starting their spiritual business, I hear the objections, the fears, the doubts.

'I'm not good enough,'

'I don't have the experience,'

'I don't think think people will pay me,'

I have heard it all.

If you have a desire to make a difference through your work, you are ready. and its time to step up because the world needs you to share your gift.

Heres my video on how to actually get aligned to create a spiritual business. The energy work I do prior to starting and how I prepare for the day with energy work. I talk about success rituals and mindset techniques.

#SpiritualBusiness #EnergeticWork #SpiritualGrowth

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