Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

I had a friend say to me a few weeks ago 'your vibe attracts your tribe.' It really resonated with me and I have been thinking about it alot lately and how that relates back to my own life.

I want you to think of the 5 people you spend the most time with. What are their qualities? Do you admire them? Would you be happy to live in their shoes?

I am sure most of you are familiar with the law of attraction; that what we send out, is what we get back. And when it comes to people around us it is an exact example of what we are sending out. Now be aware this does not include any sort of violent or harmful relationships - if you are coming out of a situation or are in an abusive relationship now - know that you did nothing to deserve that or attract that.

So, the people around you, are they want you want to emulate? Take a second to think about it and to think about what it is you are sending out to the universe because these qualities will be reflected in those closest to you.

For the past few years I had been stuck in a bit of an energetic rut where I kept attracting groups of 4 people (including myself) that always disintegrated due to gossip and fights. I did have my close friends who I have known for many years but each year I met a new group and somehow we all got close quickly and fell apart quickly. And the falling aparts were always quite painful and dramatic. After the last one I sat down and I really thought about Why? What am I sending out to keep attracting these groups? How can I change this?

I realised I could work on my own judgmental and gossipy thoughts. As hard as that was to admit I realised if I wanted better friends I need to be a better friend. And so I worked hard. I dropped all expectations and communications with people I didn't enjoy company of or who weren't for my highest good and went on to focus on manifesting friends that I wanted.

Its important to realise what it is you want firstly. Did I want friends who were fun to go out with, a good laugh, or friends who I could really connect with on a deeper level? or both?

I made a list of the qualities I wanted and I focused on sending those things out as well. Was I being kind? Was I not judging? Was I keeping my mouth shut when I know I should??? (ok still working on that one...) but I did work hard and am still working hard and now as I pay attention to the people in my life I have met a couple of people who are exactly what I was looking for, and the people in my life who I had connections with, these connections deepened. And the people that I didn't want to have in my life who didn't match up to the energy I was sending out, they just fell away.

What are you asking the universe to send you? What is it you want? You need to decide first, write it out and send it out! Then the universe can deliver ;)


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