Lucid Dreaming: A How To

Lucid dreaming and astral projecting are very similar, however with astral projecting you immediately wake up to find yourself in the astral, whilst when you lucid dream you wake up in a dream and have a sudden realisation you are dreaming and able to control everything. Its another way to enter the astral plane.

How to induce lucid dreams?

1. Keep a dream journal This may not sound important but by writing your dreams as soon as you awake you will learn to remember your dreams clearer and be more aware in them, a great way to remember your dream is to as soon as you awake, do not move, as that connects the astral and physical body completely, but say the mantra, ‘RaOm GaOm’ in your head or out loud and slowly the images of your dream flow back and you remember them. I can guarantee this works. Also dreams are very important to note symbols, and notice patterns. Whenever I have reoccurring dreams they ALWAYS come true.

2. During the day ask yourself at random points, am I dreaming? Throughout the day, ask yourself are you dreaming, look around note your surroundings and really question if you’re asleep. Eventually your subconscious will adopt this questioning and you will ask yourself in a dream, however when you do you will realize you are in a dream and you can go from there. 3. Wake up at random points in the night: and stay awake for 5 minutes with thinking about nothing else then lucid dreams. This should attract a lucid dream.

Good luck, and remember to meditate!

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