The Sydney Energy Bubble

So any Sydney siders will know how overwhelming the energy in Sydney can be, speaking to many of my energy worker friends it's interesting to see how the energy effects them and how they cope with it!

The theme I saw over and over again is that many of them had this need to get out of Sydney, even just for a couple of days to recharge and get out of the Sydney energetic bubble.

When I moved back here after living in Switzerland for a year, I was so confused I would literally be here for a few months fall into depression, become so tuned out with myself and then I would leave Sydney and a couple of days later I would be fine and back to myself. This was a constant cycle for years.

It took me years and speaking to so many of my psychic friends to realise that this was actually part of the result of the Sydney energy!

Speaking to a friend of mine yesterday when we get caught up in Sydney energy we tend to feel -depressed - tired an lethargic - caught up in ego - out of tune with our true selves

And going away last weekend to the central coast was such a relief and when I came back I was so In flow again.

So I've implemented two things to counteract the city energies!

1) connect Into nature every morning. Whether that be the beach or park I go ground myself before the day 2) I'm planning on going into nature out of Sydney for a day or two every few weeks to tap out of the Sydney bubble

The last two nights especially have been quite hectic energetically in Sydney. And sometimes it helps to have some physical helpers.

🙌🏻 I love love LOVE vibrational sprays. I use them daily. I have ones for protection when I go into the city or cleaning when I get home and lots of other bush flower and crystal vibrational sprays. I am hoping to start creating my own later in the year !

I also work with crystals, in Sydney I carry around my grounding crystals and my protective I have my kyanite, tourmaline and red jasper with me.

I also have Orgonite and a geopathic cleanser in my home to clear any EMFs and environmental stresses.

And constant energy work throughout the day!

Cities can be energetic chaos and it's important look after yourself energetically before and after being in some of these energies to make sure we are at our optimum state!

🌍🌝What's your go to for grounding and protection?


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