Pillar of Light

The pillar of light is a technique that many will be familiar with in any protection and clearing techniques. It is one of the first techniques I teach in my classes, and what I always begin my sessions with. I do this technique multiple times daily.

This technique allows for you to clear and activate your chakras and auric body, ground you and open you up to the higher dimensions. The Pleiadians have also emphasised that this technique is very important for starseeds and lightworkers to do as what it does is it essentially brings light into the earth.

And Light = information.

Doing this technique is a wonderful way to protect yourself, cleanse yourself and prepare yourself for any spiritual work.

How to Engage the Pillar of Light:

1. This requires your imagination; imagine (as in the picture above) a spiral cosmos full of light in the middle of the universe. From this spiral a white pillar of light starts to ascend and move downwards.

2. Your 12th chakra, your Divine Gateway Chakra, located just below this cosmos fills up with light and is activated. The light continues to flow downwards it moves past galaxy systems and flows into your 11th chakra your Galactic Chakra, filling it up with light and activating it. At this point you might be feeling tingling around the top of your head.

3. It begins to move past and into the Milkyway where it fills up and activates your 10th chakra, your Universal chakra.

4. It flows down moving about 9 feet above your head and enters into your 9th chakra, your Spirit chakra, filling it up and activating it. It moves down 4 feet above your head into your 8th chakra your Soul Star chakra. Again -activating and cleansing.

5. It enters the auric field and flows into your 7th chakra; your Crown chakra. Here it immediately enters your head, flows past and into your third eye chakra activating it and cleansing it.

6. The white light flows down your spine to the base of your spine. Simultaneously it moves down your throat chakra activating it and cleansing it. Down your arms and into your hand chakras. It moves down into your heart and then into your solar plexus, into your sacral and your root. All your chakras light up and become activated.

7. The light moves down your legs through your feet and enters into the Earth Star chakra connecting you to the earth. At this point you are full of light; it has filled up your spine and is connecting you to the earth and to the cosmos. I want you to visualise this light pooling up around your solar plexus chakra where it pours out both sides, circulating and forming a sort of shield. This light shield starts to move up and connects around your body and into your crown chakra where it creates a egg shape encompassing you and protecting you.

You are safe, you are cleansed, you are light.

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