Isis Seichim / Sekhem Energy Healing

Seichim is an advanced energetic attunement

The Seichim course is for energy workers who have completed at least 2nd degree Reiki or another form of energetic healing. This course is suitable if you are already a competent energy worker and have an advanced understanding of energy work. Seichim attunes you to be able to channel another aspect of source energy through your hands. The energy has a more feminine & grounded aspect to it.

Some of the topics the course will cover;

- Lineage

- Seichim symbols and how to use them

- Merging Consciousness

- Egyptian Cartouche 

- Cosmic Healing Bank

- How to attune others

- Attunement

- Certification

Please note this list shows only a few of the topics covered, there will be much material and techniques given to you and covered in the course. 

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