Reiki Sessions

Once a month I spend a day at the Temple Surry Hills running Reiki Sessions.

Through my studying of many modalities, including Kinesiology, Theta healing, NLP, Hypnotherapy, etc I found the most effective way to work with clients is through programs rather than just one off sessions.


However I missed running just Reiki sessions so much and found that many of my Reiki students wanted to receive just Reiki sessions with their Reiki teacher.


So I created Reiki Days at The Temple, where I dedicate the whole day to working with people and giving pure Reiki sessions. Please note for other modalities see my coaching programs.




Benefits of a Reiki session:


- Relaxation

- Total energetic reset! 

- Rebalance and clear out your chakras. Remove any blocks and realign them and activate them

- Healing for past traumas and events

- Feel energised and grounded after

- Extremely helpful for stress and anxiety related symptoms

- Clear unwanted energy blocks from this lifetime and past life times




What to expect:


An assessment of your energy system, your chakras and a total energy clearing + Reiki healing

You will be lying down fully dressed whilst I work above your body.




Next Reiki Day


Every Tuesday at  The Temple Surry Hills - 7 Clisdell Street, Surry Hills


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