Learn Reiki Advanced | Master Practitioner | Reiki 3

Learn Advanced Healing Techniques

Ready to expand your healing abilities and step into advanced energy work and healing?


This course is a one day intensive and can be taken either separately or as a preliminary to your Reiki Master Course.

You will receive the attunement to the Usui Master Symbol.

We cover:


How to use the Reiki Master Symbol

Uses and how to apply it

Moving Reiki Meditation

Reiki And Crystals

Reiki Grids and Programming Crystals with Reiki

Psychic Surgery

Aura Clearing

World Peace Crystal Grid

Advanced Healing Practices including:

Telepathic Love Therapy

Connecting to Earths Energy for clearing and charging

Cutting Etheric Cords

Working With clients and what to keep in  mind

Reiki Meditation Techniques

Star beings – Pleiadian Light Symbol

The Healing Art of Ho’oponopono

You will also be asked cover an hour long session, interviewing your client, in depth questioning, taking notes, and conducting the session.


You will receive the certification and attunement


Recognition of Courses

All our courses are recognized by both Reiki Connect,  Reiki Australia as well as Reiki.org and

IICT - The International Institute for Complementary Therapists Professional membership & insurance

Investment: $320
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Reiki Advanced

Reiki Advanced

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