Channelling Course May 2017
Reiki 1 Athina Bailey

Learn Reiki 2

Open Your Heart Charka

Second Degree empowers you even more fully and deeply, providing you with symbols for mental, emotional, and distant healing. You will find the strength of your Reiki increases, due to the power of the symbols. The symbols can work effectively on relationships that need healing and on all kinds of addictive behaviour.  After Reiki 2 you can become a professional healer;



You will learn;


- The Reiki Symbols and their importance, three of the five symbols are taught

- Two other Energy healing symbols

-  Understand how Reiki 2 attunement will affect your life (i.e. heart chakra opening)

- You will recieve a second attunement 

- Learn how to send Reiki across time and space (distant Reiki)

- Exericses on clearing spaces using Reiki 

- Learn how to release spirits and entities safely using Reiki

- A comprehenesive guide of using the symbols and the limitless possibilities of their uses

- Learn how to connect to your higher self and how to receive guidance and information

- Learn how to charge each chakra and how to volunatriy raise your vibrations

- A comprehensive guide on how to become a professional Reiki healer, includes client forms and confidentiality forms

- A comprehensive guide on how to conduct a Reiki session with a client and how to decide your finiancial rates.

- You will also learn new Reiki healing techinques and spend time practising giving Reiki


Use of the symbols can help you attain goals, improve memory, and clear patterns of behaviour that are impeding your growth. The Reiki symbols can also help with any past life trouble as well as trauma in this life. When you use the distant healing symbol you no longer need to be physically present with someone to give them Reiki.


Recognition of Courses

All our courses are recognized by both Reiki Connect,  Reiki Australia as well as Reiki.org and

IICT - The International Institute for Complementary Therapists Professional membership & insurance

1 Day Course $300

" I attended Athina’s level 2 Reiki Certification and it was a wonderful experience. She’s so professional and passionate in everything she does. She has excellent correspondence and checked up on me after the class. I felt very cared for and well looked after. I highly recommend her classes and services. She is very dedicated to her work and her knowledge and expertise truly inspires me. "

- Susie Vu, Reiki Practitioner, 2014

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