Reiki Training Athina Bailey Sydney
Reiki Training Athina Bailey Sydney
Reiki Training Athina Bailey Sydney
Reiki Training Athina Bailey Sydney
Channelling Course May 2017
Reiki Training Athina Bailey Sydney
Reiki Training Athina Bailey Sydney
Reiki Training Athina Bailey Sydney

Learn Reiki 1

Learn the Fundamentals of Energy Healing


Become attuned to Reiki 1 yourself - Reiki 1 teaches us to become more in balance with the universe and Universal Life Force Energy. It allows us to become more in tune with ourselves and raises our vibrations. Learn the foundations of energy healing and start seeing and moving through energetic blocks. 



You will learn to work in balance with the universe and to give Reiki, allowing energy to flow through us to heal not only ourselves but the universe as well.  


You will learn;


- What is Reiki? A debriefing of how Reiki works and its impacts.

- Reiki's history, how it came to the west and the modalities it can be combined with.

- Activities for feeling and seeing energy, how to feel the aura, how to recognize blocks.

- You will learn about the chakras and energy system and how to feel and see whether the energy is flowing smoothly.

- Understand and use your psychic strengths and abilities to use within your Reiki sessions and to bring in your own gifts as a Reiki healer.

- The Reiki attunement which opens you up to be able to channel Reiki energy

- How to give a Reiki treatment to others

- How to give Reiki Self Treatment

- Techniques for grounding, protecting, charging yourself with Ki energy and telepathic love therapy.

- How to use and work with a Pendulum

- Techniques for crystal healing

- Basic muscle testing techniques




An extensive manual is included.


Reiki 1 can be chosen as a step towards becoming a Reiki Practitioner or as an investment in your health and tool along your spiritual journey, letting us become more intuitive and in tune with ourselves and the world around us, as well as understanding our true paths here on earth. 


Recognition of Courses

All our courses are recognized by both Reiki Connect,  Reiki Australia as well as and

IICT - The International Institute for Complementary Therapists Professional membership & insurance


1 day course $220


The first day I met Athina and experience her magic was at a group meditation. She was there to channel in front of us, she channeled the a few crystals and the entities/devas that lived within the crystals. We got to learn more on how to care for those specific crystals and work with them. Afterwards a few people had asked if she could channel their guides/higher self which she was more than happy to and was very interesting. I really wanted a channeling myself but I was too shy to ask. After she channeled a girls higher self she turned to me and said "if you want me channel any or your guides or angels or higher self I would love to so don't be afraid to ask, using my gift to help others is my passion." So I basically didn't even have to ask which was amazing and made things alot easier. She channeled a lot of information information I had to confirm and a lot of information I wasn't yet aware of I won't ever forget the day I had a face to face conversation with my higher self a.k.a my god aspect, I don't think many people can say they have and I have Athina to thank. I am so grateful to Athina and her selfless work.


- Grace Lau


Totally awesome! Loved it! So much useful information!




Thank you for today, I feel amazing after the attunement and am going to be using reiki on my daughter when I get home!



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