After many years of energetic & manifestation work I am super excited to share with you this workbook to help you manifest and create the life you want! It has all my techniques that I use daily, and exercises to check if you're on track to manifesting what you want!


Whether you are manifesting wealth, health, happiness or anything else this ebook provides you will all the tools you need to:

1) Discover if you are aligned with your goal - Vibrationally and Subconciously 

2) Change your Energetic State to use the law of attraction to manifest

3)  Work with Energy  & Your Unconcious Mind

4) Get SUPER clear on what you want and how you're going to get it!


Are you ready to start using the law of attraction and vibrational energy to manifest your dreams into reality? Are you ready to identify thought patterns that no longer serve you and install behaviour patterns that suit you better?

If you are, this book will help you use both your unconcious programming and the law of attraction to manifest!


A Sneak Peek of What The Book Includes:


- How to be in a State of Recieving

- How to Work with the Unconcious Mind - Do you have any self sabotaging limiting beliefs? And how do you remove them?

- Create & Work with Goals - Why are goals even important! (Trust me they are incredibly vital to manifesting!)

- How to Work with your Energy Fields

- Exercises for changing your Vibrational State

- Guide & Information on the Chakra System

- Chakra Cleanses

- Manifestation Meditation

- Chakra Chart

- Manifestation Schedule


This book will give you all the tools to manifest and I'm so excited to be able to share it with you!

Get Manifesting!!


Manifestation Manual - Design Your Future Ebook

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