Learn to channel Archangels, Angels, Guides & Crystal Deva's

This course will teach you to unlock the innate ability to channel beings of light through spoken word. You will learn to deepen your connection, raise your vibration and connect directly to receive inspirational guidance. 

This course will teach you to link your consciousness with another light being to share the physical and mental energies with this being and bring through powerful messages.

Channelling is a wonderful way to help people to connect with their angels and receive the guidance they need.

You will learn:
-Introduction to channeling, what it is, why we do it, who we can channel
-Different types of channeling
-Working with your energies and vibration
-How does it work
-Exercise to prepare for channeling
-How to channel safely
-Channeling your higher self
-Channeling your angel
-Channeling a crystal deva
-Channeling an archangel
-Perform a channeling session for another person.

Extensive manual included.


Channelling Course

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