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Recognition of Courses

All our courses are recognized by both Reiki Connect,  Reiki Australia as well as Reiki.org and

IICT - The International Institute for Complementary Therapists Professional membership & insurance

Channelling Course May 2017
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Reiki 1 Certification & Attunement

Start Healing Yourself

$220 For Full Day

Please note I only teach Reiki in person.
Become attuned to Reiki 1 yourself - Reiki 1 teaches us to become more in balance with universe and the Universal Life Force Energy. It allows us to become more in tune with ourselves and needs and raises our vibrations. Reiki 1 helps open our heart chakras to experience compassions and joy.


You will learn to work in balance with the universe and to give Reiki, allowing energy to flow through us to heal not only ourselves but the universe as well. Reiki 1 can be chosen as a step towards becoming a Reiki Practitioner or as investment in your health and tool along your spiritual journey, letting us to become more intuitive and in tune with ourselves and the world around us, as well as understanding our true paths here on earth. 

Reiki 2 Certification & Attunement

Open Your Heart Chakra

$300 For Full Day Course

Please note I only teach Reiki in person.

Second Degree empowers you even more fully and deeply, providing you with symbols for mental, emotional, and distant healing. You will find the strength of your Reiki increases, due to the power of the symbols. The symbols can work effectively on relationships that need healing and on all kinds of addictive behaviour.


Use of the symbols can help you attain goals, improve memory, and clear patterns of behaviour that are impeding your growth. The Reiki symbols can also help with any past life trouble as well as trauma in this life. When you use the distant healing symbol you no longer need to be physically present with someone to give them Reiki.


The Attunement to the symbols performed by the Reiki Master gives them their power. These symbols are sacred and out of respect for their power and Dr. Usui's wish that they be kept secret they are not revealed outside the Course.

Reiki Advanced

Advanced Healing with the Master Symbol

$300 for Full Day

Please note I only teach Reiki in person.

This Course can be taken either separately or as a preliminary to the Reiki Master Course. You will receive the Attunement to the Usui Master symbol, which can be used to heal with crystals as well as to clear resistant blocks. Symbol meditations will be practised which can enhance your healing skills and integrate your physical and spiritual being. 

You are attuned to Master Symbol, and a stronger level of Reiki.

Reiki Master Teacher

Teach Reiki to Others

$1000 for 2 Day Course

Please note I only teach Reiki in person.

This is a two day course which makes you a Reiki Master, enabling you to initiate students into all levels of Reiki. A special Healing Attunement is taught as well as a meditation to harmonise the chakras. Most of the time is spent in practising giving the Attunements. You will learn how to give yourself Attunements. During the Course you will give and receive many Attunements.


Advanced Energetic Healing


Sekhem (often spelt Seichim) is another form of energy healing. It is most well known for its connection to Ancient Egypt where it was practised within spiritual temples.

Sekhem works with the spiritual heart centre, activating and downloading energy. Those attracted to sekhem have usually practised it previously in their past lives as the guides for Sekhem work with specific souls. The energy is not for everyone however if you are attracted to it you should consider it. Whilst Reiki is often seen as a 'universal' energy healing appropriate for everyone, Sekhem will only be given to those who it is right for.Those who want to learn sekhem must have already been working energetically for some time and is best for intermediate to advanced energy workers. The attunement can be quite lengthy and intensive. 

Sekhem can align the feminine/masculine energies within a person.

My style of Sekhem teaching connects strongly to the Sirius connections of Ancient Egypt and you will also be taught Egyptian Cartouche.

Developing Your Intution

Want to Start Developing your Psychic Skills

$80 for Full Day

This class is an introductory course who want to enhance their intuitive abilities,
the class covers

- The different Clairs, claircognizance, Clairvoyance, etc
- Finding your psychic strength
- The different Chakras
- Meet your guides
-Talking to your angels
-Protecting, Grounding and Cleansing Tehcniques
- Manifestation and the Law of Attractions

Advanced Energy Skills

For Intermediate- Advanced Energy Workers with Foundations of Knowledge & Experience

$120 All Day Course

Understand how and why the universe functions on an energetic level, the different levels of existence, learn to balance and work with your chakras, clean your aura. Learn how to open up and refine your innate intuitive skills, understand the kind of souls that reside here on earth and our various purposes on earth, learn to manifest your life and empower yourself with the tools to build the life you want. Learn about astral projection, talking to angels and eliminating fear that holds you back.


Learn to speak directly with angels & guides

$180 for Full Day Course

This course will guide you to channel easily and safely. You will learn to channel your higher self, angels, crystals devas, archangels and ascended masters. 

Manifestation & Creation

Create the Life you Want


This course is specifically designed to help you create the life you want to live. The course includes energetic & NLP methods and techniques for manifestation, how to attract what we desire and energetic techniques to remove blocks and beliefs that are holding us back. 

Starseed Connections

Learn about the Planet you are from and your Soul Group, and the various other dimensions/planets

$120 for Full Day

This course is designed for starseeds, or people who have a great interest in understanding more about our planetery connections. In this course you will learn about the origin of our species, how we came to be here, why we are here. Your specific assignments, your connections and what you are doing here. There will be channelling activities, automatic writing, and meditations to meet with your spirit guides. After this course you will have a firmer idea of your place in the world, and what is part of your task here on Earth at this time.


I offer a student discount for this course as I am quite happy to help young people connect to their origins. 

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