Developing Your Intution

Want to Start Developing Your Psychic Skills?


This class is an introductory course who want to enhance their intuitive abilities,
the class covers

- The different Clairs, claircognizance, Clairvoyance, etc
- Finding your psychic strength
- The different Chakras
- Meet your guides
-Talking to your angels
-Protecting, Grounding and Cleansing Tehcniques
- Manifestation and the Law of Attractions

$120 for a full day class

Advanced Energy Work

Advanced Energy Work Skills


Understand how and why the universe functions on an energetic level, the different levels of existence, learn to balance and work with your chakras, clean your aura. Learn how to open up and refine your innate intuitive skills, understand the kind of souls that reside here on earth and our various purposes on earth, learn to manifest your life and empower yourself with the tools to build the life you want. Learn about astral projection, talking to angels, channelling and eliminating fear that holds you back. 


Class is from 10am- 3pm and $120

Starseed Connections

Starseed Connections

Learn about the Planet your soul originated from and your Soul Group, and the various other dimensions/planets;

This course is designed for starseeds, or people who have a great interest in understanding more about our planetery connections. In this course you will learn about the origin of our species, how we came to be here, why we are here. Your specific assignments, your connections and what you are doing here. There will be channelling activities, automatic writing, and meditations to meet with your spirit guides. After this course you will have a firmer idea of your place in the world, and what is part of your task here on Earth at this time.


I offer a student discount for this course as I am quite happy to help young people connect to their origins. 

Class is from 10am- 3pm and $120

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